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May 2015

5 Reasons You Need A Wedding Coordinator

5 Reasons You Need A Wedding Coordinator

5 Reasons You NEED a Wedding Coordinator

Do you want to enjoy the lead up to your wedding day and keep the stress levels to a minimum? Planning a wedding can be a huge task and test even the most organised of people but we’re sure that you’ll want to enjoy what is meant to be one of the happiest times of your life. We got 5 reasons why you need a wedding coordinator (and why you’ll love ours!).

1 – It keeps stress to a minimum. The expertise of our wedding coordinator is second to none and she’ll be able to think about all the tiny details so that you don’t have to. She’ll plan ahead and have the foresight to avoid some of the big pitfalls that people often find when planning their own weddings. She’s there to remember the details, ask the right questions and keep everything on track.

2 – Connections. By working on multiple events wedding coordinators build up a collection of connections and know exactly who to ask to do the things that you want. With their experience, they know who’s the best and where to put your money. Established relationships and networking counts for a lot when you’re planning a wedding.

3 – Experience. Many brides begin to plan their big day having never planned a large-scale event in the past. Our wedding coordinator is already a dab-hand at planning such events and comes equipped with extensive knowledge and plenty of experience.

4 – The Voice of Calm. Occasionally things don’t go to plan. Sometimes the weather can’t be helped or a guest may run into trouble of some sort. An experienced coordinator knows how to deal with any crisis, big or small and will remain both calm and helpful. It’s a comforting feeling to know that someone is on hand should there be any need on the big day.

5 – Keeping Things Smooth. On the day you’ll want to do nothing other than soak up every last moment and treasure your  happiness. Our wedding coordinator keeps everything ticking along nicely in the background. She’ll keep things on time and have everything running like clock work. All you have to do is enjoy it.


Now you know exactly why it’s worth having a wonderful wedding coordinator you can sit back and enjoy the lead up to your big day.


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