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Jul 2017


6 simple steps to a more environmentally friendly wedding

6 surprisingly simple steps to a more environmentally friendly wedding

It’s 2017. Conversations revolving around looking after the Earth are definitely heating up (climate change pun not intended). Recently we’ve been having chats with couples looking at options to make their big day a bit more eco-friendly. If you’re worried it’s yet another thing to consider ON TOP of all the organisation you’ve got to do: look no further. We’ve rustled together a few of our best earth-loving wedding tips – and don’t worry, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how achievable they are!

  1. Environmentally friendly favours

The favours of a wedding are an amazing chance to say thank you to your loved ones for coming to support & love you on your big day! Why not go one step further and make them a nod to the planet too? We’ve had brides buy seed packets for the “save the bees” campaign, hand make origami gifts out of recycled newspaper and bake their own shortbread!! There are plenty of options out there if you know where to look… Pinterest is a good place to start (when is pinterest NOT a good place to start?!).

Image Via Etsy – Click Here


2. Eco-eating 

Check where your food is coming from. There’s nothing worse than planning an ethical wedding and realising your food isn’t well sourced: be in the know, check in advance! (FYI – No.4’s suppliers are brilliantly ethical, from Ruby & White’s organic & local meats to the vegetables and herbs they grow in our own garden!)

3. Invites with a conscience

Yes, hand-made, intricate invitations can look pretty but they also take an AGE to make and end up being thrown away 6 months after the wedding anyway. How about making your invites out of recycled paper or newspaper? Save yourself even more time and do you save the dates by E-Invite sites like Green Envelope. They’re beautiful, digital and have a super-low environmental impact.

4. Feel-good gift list

If you’re already settled in life and would value your guests’ company more than their gifts, why not set up a donation on your gift list to a chose eco or local charity?

5. Eco-fetti

Cut stencils out of leaves, dry flower petals from your own garden and pop it all in a basket for people to take a handful of. It’ll smell great, look authentic and – of course – it’s bio-degradable.


6.  Cut the trash

The average wedding creates about 500Lbs worth of waste! Anything you can do to cut that figure down will do wonders for the environment. For example – provide recyclable crockery and get the venue to recycle it at the end of the night, make place names out of nature or recycled goods or you could even


No.4 Eco Wedding Fair 24th September 2017

So there you have it. Not as scary as it sounds, right?! And remember, it’s your day – so whatever you want, goes. If you’re keen for the eco-friendly vibe, or just want more ideas for your wedding in general we’re putting on a  wedding fair to sooth you conscience on 24th September. It’s our first Eco-friendly, Locally sourced wedding fair, but believe me, it won’t be our last.


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  • Jul 31, 2017
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