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Aug 2019


Best places to watch the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Check out our Our top balloon-spotting destinations during the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Don’t despair just yet, summer isn’t over there are still loads of things on the horizon to look forward to. Besides the festivals and the continuing sunshine there’s also possibly one of our favourite times of year, when the Bristol Balloon Fiesta comes around. We are just days away, and so we thought it all too relevant to share with you some of our favourite places to watch the balloons this year.

Ashton court
This one goes without saying, because obviously this is where you’ll get the most up close action for the whole festival. There’s loads of family fun to be had here, and where you’ll get the best views of the balloons taking off and of course the famous nightglow.

Clifton downs
Close to town and with loads of surrounding pubs and gardens, plus the breathtaking lookout over the River Avon – this is definitely a balloon spotting paradise. Its large open green fields means you can set yourself up with a picnic blanket and a few indulgences and enjoy your afternoon watching the fiesta in action!

Clifton suspension bridge

A no brainer really. Not only is this one of the best viewpoints in the city for some amazing sights across Bristol its also the perfect set up for a great balloon spotting afternoon. Make a day of it with the family, stop by the famous Clifton Village for some lunch and then head on down to this world renowned bridge for some truly exquisite views. But be warned, the bridge closes between 6pm and midnight on Thursday and Saturday during the festival so plan your route in advance!

Clifton Observatory 
There’s a definite theme going here. Must be something about Clifton, but as you can see it is a truly amazing part of the city. The Observatory is no exception, its close to the suspension bridge and the downs which makes it a perfect alternative if the former 2 destinations aren’t for you.

Bedminster down 
Slightly closer to where all the action takes place, and being higher up makes it the perfect destination to all you balloon fiesta fanatics!

This prime location right in the heart of Bristol City was bound to make our list. We love this part of Bristol, especially when it comes to the Balloon Fiesta season. On a nice day, there’s nothing more fitting than to set up near the harbour and feast in all the balloon goodness!

So there you have it. Our favourite places around Bristol to view this year’s Balloon Fiesta in all its glory. Make a day of it, invite friends and family and why not stop by and say hi and tell us all about what you’ve seen and have a bite to eat in our Restaurant! We will definitely need the updates – this isn’t something you’d want to miss out on. 


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