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Dec 2017


Our favourite wedding photos from No.4

As 2017 draws to a close, we wanted to look back and reflect on some of our favourite wedding photos taken at No.4 Clifton Village. It must be said that it has been a privilege to host every wedding we’ve had here at No.4 and we’ve certainly had a great time watching these special days unfold! There have been so many fantastic photos over the years, but we’ve whittled them down to our top five. One of these five lovely couples will win a bottle of our Premium Champagne, if you would like to vote, use the form at the bottom of this post

Sam and Dan’s Wedding:


Sam and Dan’s Summer Wedding was certainly a fun-filled occasion. We adored their unique idea of a vintage-inspired wedding; think popping colours, a pastel pink VW Campervan, lollipop accessories and a stunning delicate lace dress! We were especially privileged for this brilliant couple to share their first dance in our Admiral Room, captured in this shot by BoyCalledBen Photography. A truly intimate moment full of smiles!


Saffa and Robby’s Wedding:


Braving the Bristolian weather, Saffa and Robby did not let the rain spoil their wedding day. We particularly love this shot taken by Bristol Contemporary Photography, of the endearing couple with their matching umbrellas. The combination of the pair set against the beautiful backdrop of the Clifton Suspension Bridge (just a stone’s throw from No.4!) makes this photo one of our all- time favourites.

Liz and Joel’s Wedding:


Liz and Joel’s wedding was a beautiful service, comprised of a small group of their closest friends and family. For the most part, this fantastic day was spent in our secret walled garden, enjoying food, bubbly and games in the sunshine. However, we absolutely love this ceremonial shot in our Admiral Room where Martin Pemberton captures the emotional ‘giving away’ of the bride, before the lovely pair became newlyweds!

Zoe and James’ Wedding:


Celebrating just after Valentine’s Day, Zoe and James had a gorgeous wintery wedding. We particularly love this snap of the couple taken by Evoke Photography, outside our venue. A peaceful image capturing the couple sharing a moment together away from the business of partying! This magical setting of fairy lights and the night sky, makes for a very romantic scene!

Sue and Jim’s Wedding:


Sue and Jim’s big day at No.4 was a very special day, shared amongst a large group of family and friends. We love this adorable shot taken by West 70 Photography, as the happy pair share a moment of laughter together. If this photograph does not say ‘soul mate’ we don’t know what does!

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