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Oct 2019


How To Eat The Seasons – Whats in season in Autumn?

So, whats in season in Autumn?

Eat the seasons

Following in last months footsteps, we’ve put together another list of tips and tricks to help you and your family stay healthy while also helping to limit your carbon footprint. Eating the seasons and using fresh and local produce is one of the easiest ways to do this – not only does it mean less single use plastic and Co2 emissions from transporting fruit and veg from around the world, but eating produce that’s in season and grown nearby is actually much more healthy for you! You’ll get more from your veg, and help the planet at the same time!



Perhaps it’s a coincidence that Halloween falls in October, a month known for pumpkins and that these delicious and versatile fruits are flourishing. Not only are these guys good for those famous Halloween jack-o-lanterns, but the various types offer a range of amazing tastes and textures that are all good for experimenting in the kitchen, try it roasted, in soup or in a pie!

Did you know? Despite common misconception the pumpkin is actually a fruit, not a vegetable.


Wild mushroom – get some fungus on your fork!

OK so these are neither a fruit nor a vegetable, however; these little guys are thriving at the moment. Adding a few wild mushrooms to your diet is never a bad thing, they’re very versatile and each of them has their own unique flavour and texture. If you’re a mushroom connoisseur then you can go pick these yourself, but if that’s not really your thing they are readily available at most green grocers.

Did you know? Mushrooms are an excellent antioxidant and even beat out those colourful veggies we love so much, and even more amazing is that you won’t cook out their free radical fighting power! So get experimental with your mushrooms!



We just had to add this into our list this month. While fruit supplies start to dwindle this time of year there are some saviours that still shine through. Our favourite at the moment is the pear. We’ve added it to our menu this season as a delicious dessert choice. Pears make for a perfect companion to many desserts, and they’re delicious cooked and served hot as a winter warmer!


Brussel sprouts – more than just a tiny cabbage

Unfortunately these little guys got a bad name for themselves, often seen as being the boring, boiled within an inch of their life, tiny cabbage that sits tragically on the Christmas table waiting to be eaten. We’re determined to change this image for the better. While it can be seen as a bit of a boring addition to the table, there are oh so many fun ways to spruce up your sprout!

So if you haven’t already started there is no time like the present! Start your journey to a more eco-friendly diet and get more from your food. There are so many amazing recipes that you can try, and if you’re in need of some inspiration why not head on over to our neck of the woods and try some of our locally sourced delicious food!

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