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Oct 2015

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Love Travel? How To Plan a Spectacular Travel Themed Wedding

So you have the travel bug and you’re getting married, congratulations! Have you thought about how you can make your wedding day extra personal so that it stands out from the rest? If not then read our post to see 3 Great Reasons why you should Personalise Your Wedding. Now that you know that you want to make it special, let’s look at how you can bring your love of travel into the most important day of your life.


OK so themes are nothing new but picking the right one can mean the difference between personalising a wedding day or not. Often themes end up being simple colour schemes but if you decide to use your love of travel as the basis for a theme then things can get a whole lot more exciting when you plan.


You could use one of two options here:

1 – Spend an evening chatting with your loved one, perhaps over a glass of wine, and noting down the places that you have the best memories from. List all of the places that you’ve both travelled and the most memorable moments from those trips. Pick the top few from your list and use those as a basis to draw upon and include in the big day. By using this method you are making the beginnings of a story to tell on the wedding day, your guests will love the personalisation and meaning behind this.

2 – Use the vast array of ideas in magazines and on the internet. A simple search term like ‘Travel Themed Wedding’ will bring up all kinds of ideas which are likely to inspire you. Pick a few of your favourite ideas and set out to use something similar for your own wedding day. Of course, you can use a combination of both ideas to get your started.


What follows next are some ideas to start you off:

INVITATIONS – If you’ve found something during your search for inspiration and you love it then great, you can set about creating something similar for yourselves. If you don’t want to make the invites then you can always look up a company that specialises in wedding stationary. There are lots of them out there and if you show them what you want then they may have something similar or even offer a bespoke service.

If you’re drawing on your own memories of travel then think about what stands out here. Do you have a special trip that included aeroplane or rail travel? If so then why not design the invites to look like tickets? Do you have a honeymoon planned for somewhere exotic? If so then how about making invites which look like postcards from that location?

Postcard for Travel themed wedding invite

(Imaged sourced from

TRANSPORT – Have you got memories of hopping on and off buses whilst sightseeing together? Maybe you could arrange a London bus to bring your guests to the wedding. Is your wedding location by the water? If so then maybe you could arrive in style – by boat! This could be a simple wooden boat on a lake or a luxury yacht with no expense spared. Maybe the groomsmen would enjoy zooming in on a speedboat, now that would give people something to remember.

DESIGN WITH YOUR STORY – How about adding a globe to the gift table and marking it with tiny stickers on all of the places that you’ve visited? You could even go a step further and add a second colour of stickers for all of the places that you hope to go in the future. If a globe isn’t what you want then you could do something similar with a large world map stuck on the wall behind the table.

Map for travel themed wedding

(Image sourced from

SEATING PLAN – You could also use a map like this to do your seating plan. Go back to your list of favourite places and pick some to use as tables names. On the map you can then mark those places by adding your guest’s names to them. Guests will love looking up their name and finding out that they’re off to Mexico or Las Vegas for the afternoon.

LIGHTING – Add paper globe lanterns with lights inside. These would look especially good to decorate outdoor areas for the evening. Or were you proposed to by candlelight with a romantic meal in an exotic location? Recreate that feel by adding lots of pretty candlelight to the tables and add flower arrangements that remind you of the setting.

FLOWERS – Are there particular flowers of colours of flowers that remind you of somewhere special? Talk to your florist and include them in your arrangements as well as your bouquet. Think of how they will be arranged and see if you can add something related to your travels. Could you buy a small vintage suitcase and fill it with flowers? When talking centre-pieces for your tables then mini hot-air balloons make a great addition. The baskets are perfect for a smaller flower arrangement. Your table names could be attached to these so that your guests know where to go.

Hot-air balloon centrepieces for travel themed wedding<img width="300" height="200" src="×200.jpg" class="attachment-medium size-medium" alt="Travel themed wedding inspiration" srcset="https://www browse around×200.jpg 300w,×374.jpg 560w, 900w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />


QUOTES – The addition of some well-placed quotes can really help tie everything in. You could pop one on each table, give them on the back of individual name cards or get bunting made up to decorate the top table with.

travel themed wedding quote

(Image sourced from

So your mind is now racing with ideas on how to personalise your own wedding with a travel theme. What we’ve given you here are just some starting points and inspiration but the possibilities are endless. We’d love to hear what ideas you have to add to this. Have you ever been to a wedding with a similar theme and what did you love about it?

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