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Nov 2015

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What Makes an Intimate Wedding Venue?

We strive to be the very best intimate wedding venue in Bristol but what exactly makes a venue intimate for your wedding day? We’ve been talking to our couples as well as other wedding industry suppliers to find out exactly what gives that intimate feel.

Couples intimate wedding venue in Bristol

After asking Guides for Brides what they think makes a really intimate venue this is what they had to say:

‘A romantic venue with a homely feel helps to create the perfect intimate atmosphere! Personal touches also help.’

We couldn’t agree more. Time and again we are told how lovely our venue is because it is housed within a beautiful Georgian mansion. There are private gardens, rooms for guests upstairs and several areas so it really keeps a certain homely feel with an interesting history too. It’s the venue’s unique style which really allows our couples to tap into their imagination and create lots of personal touches so that their wedding is beautifully intimate to the two of them.

“‘We will treasure the memory forever’ – Zoe Walsh via Facebook review”

Everyone agreed that personal touches can make things intimate. Our partner Ali from The Bristol Bakehouse suggested that ‘guest names on individual cakes’ and other similar ideas can add a really special touch. We have had couples that have requested giant garden games, bouncy castles or even an entire quirky theme or two. These things have been requested because that’s what makes the wedding individually intimate to those couples so having a venue that can be really flexible for your choices is important.

Personal touches for an intimate wedding venue in Bristol

Experienced wedding photographer Antony, from Lightbox Studios, says that ‘under 50 guests…and privacy from ‘outsiders’’ are key to an intimate wedding and we think he’s got a point there. We’re often told how intimate the weddings at No.4 feel and as our daytime capacity is 45 we think this holds the key. Our couples tend to pick just their very nearest and dearest to spend the day with them and the result is total inclusion for everyone in a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Every guest feels inclusive of the entire wedding and our couples have time to chat, smile, laugh and cry with their favourite people. The result means that the wedding feels incredibly intimate for everyone involved and that’s something which puts a smile on everyone’s face. As for keeping ‘outsiders’ away from the celebrations – that’s where our secret garden is a real winner. Guests get to enjoy the pretty walled garden in complete privacy. Photographer Christy Blanch once told us that photographing the wedding guests playing games in our garden was the best part of her day at a wedding here this summer. The reason being that the shots were so candid and the guests so chilled out.

‘all your efforts were greatly appreciated’ – Christine Coxon via Facebook review

So it seems that the key to an intimate wedding can be found among the little details, the homeliness of a venue and by keeping numbers down. We would also add that careful decorating choices are important too. Soft lighting, candles and pretty flowers can work wonders to set the scene. Intimate and cosy weddings are what we do best and we’re always looking for new ideas and ways to achieve them. Have you got any tips to help us as the most intimate wedding venue in Bristol?

Guests at the intimate wedding venue in Bristol




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