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Jun 2015

Weddings: No.4 Clifton Village

The People behind the Weddings: No.4 Clifton Village

Last weekend the sun shined, the birds sang and love was all around in Clifton Village. When love is in the air here one thing springs to mind ‘weddings: No.4 Clifton Village!’ At the centre of all the excitement was the wonderful wedding of Gemma and Darren.

Behind the scenes of a wedding is always a team of people who are dedicated to making everything come together perfectly on the day. A few weeks ago we wrote about exactly why you need a wedding coordinator (if you didn’t see it then take a look here now!) but there are often several other very important people who are crucial to making your day just perfect. We thought we’d share some of the information from the VIPs of our wedding last weekend to show you a little more from behind the scenes.

Kirsten from Little Wedding Helper
Kirsten helped Gemma and Darren create a style for their wedding day. They chose a stunning peaches and cream colour palette which worked beautifully with the wood accents at No.4.
Wedding Styling at No.4 Clifton Village
We absolutely loved the ladder that Kirsten styled and added to our reception area, it made plenty of guests ‘wow’ as they entered.

Weddings: No.4 Clifton Village

(Images thanks to Little Wedding Helper)

To find out even more about wedding styling in Bristol check out the Little Wedding Helper website or read this blog by our friends at Racks Bar & Kitchen.

Emma Norton Wedding Flowers
The flowers were chosen and prepared by Emma Norton and we think you’ll agree that they were stunning! Such a beautiful colour scheme which worked perfectly with Kirsten’s styling. Emma’s welcome message on her website promises flowers which are distinctive and unique to each wedding. She did a wonderful job and shows just why a florist is essential to making your venue look stunning.

Belles – The Cake Company
Wedding Cake for No.4 Clifton Village
The wonderful ‘birdcage’ style wedding cake was provided by Belles and just look at how stunning it was. The work and hours that go into something as beautiful as this are incredible.

Chef Nick
Of course the food that your guests eat is always important. You want them to enjoy the food and feel that it is worthy of the celebration. Our head chef Nick is a whizz with flavours and always comes up with something superb to tantalise those taste buds and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Read more about our food here.
See where our meat comes from by reading this blog on our sister venue’s website (Racks Bar & Kitchen).

Christy Blanch Photography

Of course, all great weddings need someone skilled at capturing the magic and Christy was asked to do just that for our couple last weekend. We love this shot that Kirsten took of Christy in action!

Wedding photography at No.4 Clifton Village

Wedding photography doesn’t just happen on the day. Christy met with our couple well before the big day and set about planning some of the specific shots that they wanted. On top of the preparation and planning a wedding photographer needs to have the flair to capture special moments on the day – ones that aren’t always planned. We asked Christy about this and this is what she had to say:

‘My favourite part of the day was shooting candid shots of the guests in the secret garden. The children were playing giant snakes and ladders and blowing bubbles and the adults were sat talking. It was really chilled and lovely to shoot’ (Christy Blanch Photography).

We absolutely love hosting weddings here at No.4 but one of the most special things is the fact that every single one is unique, different and made up of a combination of wonderful things from wonderful people. We send our special thanks to each and every person involved in putting together all the little touches which make the perfect day for our brides and grooms.

Congratulations Gemma & Darren!

To find out more about weddings at No.4 Clifton Village and see our preferred suppliers then please visit our website here.

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