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Apr 2015

How to get the Perfect Wedding Cake for your Budget

Are you struggling to choose the perfect wedding cake and keep it within your budget? Aside from the blushing bride or groom the wedding cake is often a focal point of the reception, so knowing what to choose and how to fit it to your budget is essential. We’re here to show you that there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your cake is both amazing and within budget.

As a boutique wedding venue we pride ourselves on our service and wanted to be able to offer our couples the best advice. So we’ve teamed up with other industry experts to show you how you can get the perfect wedding cake to fit your budget.

Choosing something memorable and tailored to what you want is something we advocate here at No.4. We offer our wedding couples the ultimate flexibility because, in our experience, the best weddings always have that personal touch.

You can read about our boutique wedding venue here.

When talking with the wedding gurus at Guides For Brides their advice on how to choose a cake within budget was simple:
‘Many people feel pressure to choose something traditional for their wedding cake. There are so many contemporary alternatives. From cupcakes to the “naked” wedding cake – choose something memorable and think outside the box’ (Guides For Brides).


Macaroon Wedding Cake

Personalise your choice.
It doesn’t have to be a traditional cake. Why not be inspired by  your favourite cakes or desserts and plan a wedding cake around them? Choose bright and colourful macaroons to match your colours for a summer wedding or try tiered chocolaty brownies for a sumptuous autumnal wedding day. There are so many things you can choose and you can be as creative as you like. Shop around for these ideas and we’re certain that you’ll  find something to suit your needs.

If you’re not creative or you want to stick with a cake more synonymous with weddings then don’t worry as there are still things you can do. Visit a local baker or wedding cake designer and ask them for inspiration to fit your budget. Our partner wedding cake supplier, Ali from The Bristol Bakehouse, has been looking into the trends for 2015 wedding cakes and offers some great advice on how to choose a cake which reflects you and ties in to your theme. You can read all about that here…
Ali also tells us her top tip to get a stunning wedding cake, which mixes tradition with contemporary style, at the best price:

Slegant Wedding Cake

Top Tip: Choose a simple 3 tiered cake to be decorated in plain fondant. Then, presuming you’re happy with inedible accessories, choose ribbon to trim the base of each layer and pretty lace to go round them. The result will be a stunning elegant cake. (Advice and cake designs from The Bristol Bakehouse. Images by )

Simple wedding cake


If you want a little more decoration then choose a single large flower for the top. If a designer doesn’t have to create lots of intricate detail then the cost won’t creep up too much.


The smallest budgets
If budget is of upmost importance, you can get some free inspiration by taking a look at our Pinterest board: Wedding Cakes on a Budget.

Contemporary Alternative ‘Cakes’
For inspiration about contemporary ideas and alternatives to cake then try our board called Alternative Wedding Cakes. You’ll find everything from cake pops to Oreos to fire your imagination.

Our Top Tip: While not essential, it’s always advised to do a taste test of whichever cake you’re planning on. Forget the diets for a day – this is ‘research!’

Now that you’ve got some ideas to start you off, you’ll soon be inspired and find the most amazing wedding cake which suits your budget. Remember, it’s your day and your love story. Let the cake show exactly that.


NB: If you have any top tips for keeping your wedding cake within budget then we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment and let us know!


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