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May 2016

successful summer parties

The Secret to Successful Summer Parties

Have you ever wondered why some summer parties are memorable forever yet others fade off into the ‘average’ zone soon after you’ve begun? Just what is the secret to successful summer parties? Here at No.4 Clifton Village we are well-practiced at exactly what works and what doesn’t and we think there are three key ingredients to success for your party. If you want to make sure that you throw a summer party to remember then stick with these three simple rules and you’ll do just that!

We are an award winning restaurant that’s located within a Grade II-listed Georgian terraced townhouse, right in the heart of Clifton Village. Our beautiful English walled garden is situated at the rear of the house and is an idyllic summer party venue. The south facing location means that the sun beams down on the garden all day. Honeysuckle and Fuschias line the garden and help to create a tranquil getaway right in the heart of Clifton Village. We affectionately refer to it as our secret garden. As you can imagine, our secret garden is a prime spot and much sought-after summer party venue and so we’ve been perfecting the garden party in summer months for a long time.

Now let us share our secrets with you…

• Party Food

Don’t just rustle up a few sandwiches and some sausage rolls. Put the effort in with some simple but really good food and everyone will be happy. You don’t have to have a tonne of options or choose the most expensive food you can find, just make sure that what you do choose is good quality and cooked to perfection. In our secret garden there is always a feel of excitement when the air is filled with the tell-tail British summer party smell of a delicious BBQ, or Hog-Roast. You just can’t beat it.

summer party menu

• Drinks

Now this is where we suggest adding some style – great British garden party style! A selection of cold drinks is always a good idea (not forgetting something for any children at the party) but the thing that always puts a smile on the faces of many is being served a refreshingly fruity & slightly cheeky glass of Pimms. It often sets the scene ready for the best summer party you’ve ever seen!

Pimms summer parties

• Good Company

Where would a garden party be without your nearest and dearest? That might be good friends, family or a mixture of both but having good company is everything. The best food and drink in the world would be a mere snippet of the experience if it wasn’t for good company. Get your nearest and dearest there and the laughter will be flowing for hours.

successful summer parties

If you’d like to know more about successful summer parties at No.4 Clifton Village then do get in touch. We pride ourselves in creating the perfect summer garden party for any occasion. Our gardens can accommodate parties from 20 to 100 people and we’d love to help you put on the most successful summer party that you’ve ever had.

Find out more about summer parties at No.4 Clifton Village by clicking the image below.

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