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May 2015

Gin Festival Comes To Bristol

Gin Festival Comes To Bristol – But What Else Is There?

On the 16th & 17th May the Gin Festival comes to Bristol for the very first time. Gin has become increasingly popular over the last few years and, of course, Bristol does it best. The arrival of the festival is perhaps overdue as our taste buds have been ready for this for some time. This is echoed in the fact that the festival has already sold out and we’re sure it will be a huge success. If you didn’t manage to get tickets to the festival at Paintworks then this post is to show you how to can get involved with the Gin love and enjoy it elsewhere in the city.

Other Venues

We’ve got some cracking places to enjoy Gin tasting and none better than our friends at Racks Bar & Kitchen. Their selection is exciting, breath-taking and a joy to work through! If you go to their Menus page here then click on the Gin Menu, you’ll begin to see what we mean!

DIY Gin Cocktails With A Twist

There are so many variations of Gin out there to try that you’ve really got to experiment and play around with new ideas. If you’re planning a get together with friends or a celebration in the sunshine then it’s the perfect time to get creative! Get some ideas from our Pinterest board: Gin Cocktails With A Twist or if you’ve already got something booked with us then let us know and we can come up with something special for you to wow your guests with. We are fans of a cheeky Gin in the sunshine!

We also found a simple recipe for a fun cocktail that you could try at home. Serving it in the jam jar is a great little twist:

Summer Jar

Gin Festival Comes To Bristol

‘A delicious jam-based cocktail served, aptly, in a jam jar. Other jams or marmalade would work equally well instead of blackcurrant.

50ml gin

20ml cinnamon syrup (make in advance by boiling 1 litre of water with 1kg sugar and 2-3 cinnamon sticks)

15ml lemon juice

2tbsp of blackcurrant jam

3ml of balsamic glaze (available in supermarkets)

Shake all the ingredients with ice cubes, then strain over more ice into a jam jar.’

( Recipe: Coq d’Argent, London via Telegraph)

Perfect The Simple G&T

Sometimes the very simplest of drinks is just perfect. The G&T may have been around for hundreds of years but scientific revalations now teach us exactly how to get the best from them and make an incredible tasting G&T. Our friends at Racks have out together a step-by-step guide explaining exactly How to Make the Perfect G&T and why.

Serve Your Gin in a Teapot!

Well we can’t think of a reason why not! Here at No.4 we have been known to serve Gin in teapots at our summer parties and it always puts a little smile on people’s faces. There’s a something very British about pouring your Gin from the teapot – give it a go.

Learn How to Mix

Once you’ve perfected the simple G&T, you’ve experimented with some Gin cocktails and you’ve supped it from a teapot, you might feel quite the expert. Why not take your expertise up to the next level and consider booking you and some friends into a Gin Masterclass? Learn the secrets, pick up some tips and enjoy a day which is bound to be a wonderful giggle!



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