Our Top 3 Christmas Cocktails

How to make them and where to try them

It simply wouldn’t be Christmas without a tipple or two. One of the best ways to savour the season is to sip on Christmas Cocktails. Here’s a rundown on our top three this year. Flavours of the season include rich and nutty liquers, creamy chocolate, tangy orange, and juicy berries. 

To find out more about Christmas in Bristol this year, click here. Our menus always celebrate seasonality and locality, and our cocktails are no different!

1. Chocolate Orange Martini

What’s more Christmassy than a tangerine in your Stocking toe and a bag of chocolate coins? Maybe a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Certainly, our Chocolate Orange Martini. Here’s how to make our cocktail of the season:

You’ll need:

Triple Sec
Vodka – we use Absolut
Chocolate Syrup – you can easily make this at home with hot chocolate powder and boiling water
Cocktail shaker
Optional: Chocolate powder and orange peel


Fill your cocktail shaker with ice.
Pour in 25ml Triple Sec, 12.5ml Baileys, 12.5ml Vodka, and 50ml Chocolate Syrup.
Shake, shake, then shake some more! This will dilute the booze and give you the perfect froth.
Slowly pour out and strain your cocktail into a Martini Glass – bonus points if you freeze the glass an hour or so beforehand! The frosty glass will help chill the cocktail and maintain the froth.
Garnish by dusting with chocolate powder and adding a twist of orange peel. 


2. Whiskey Marmalade Highball

Also known amongst the Front of House team as a Drunken Paddington, this is a sweet and strong Christmas concoction. Perfect for whiskey lovers or those wanting to ease into the powerful flavours.

You’ll need

Good quality whiskey – Monkey Shoulder is our favourite
Orange Juice
Lemon Juice
Marmalade Syrup – we’ll teach you how to make this in just two ticks
Soda water
Optional: Blood Orange


Make your Marmalade Syrup! Heat a 1:1 ratio of Marmalade and water over a medium heat until it thickens. Strain carefully through a seive and leave to cool.
The rest is easy – fill a Highball glass with a couple of ice cubes, then pour over 25ml Whiskey, 50ml Orange Juice, 25ml Lemon Juice, and 25ml Marmalade Syrup. 
Stir gently.
Top with a splash of soda.

3. Marizpan Cosmopolitan

Hear us out – we know Marzipan isn’t for everyone and Cosmos have had a bad rep since Sex and the City. However, this naughty little number will have you rosy cheeked and giggly in no time. With it’s subtle flavour and delicate appearance, it’s a more sophisticated option this Christmas.

You’ll need

Vodka – again, we use Absolut but any is fine
Cranberry Juice
Lime Juice 
Cocktail shaker
Optional: Sprig of rosemary


Fill your cocktail shaker with ice.
Pour in 25ml Vodka, 25ml Disarrano, 50ml Cranberry Juice, and 25ml Lime Juice.
Shake until the shaker is frosted up the sides – this means the alcohol is chilled and diluted perfectly.
Pour your cocktail into a coupe glass – again, this will be even better in a chilled glass!
Garnish with a simple sprig of rosemary.


You probably won’t be surprised to hear that these are best enjoyed at No.4. They’re all signature Christmas cocktails, dreamt up by our talented team of bar staff. We’d love for you to pop in and try them alongside a festive feast. You can find out more and enquire here

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